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Our premium strategies use sophisticated AI to decipher complex market patterns. We empower traders of all levels to stay ahead of the curve, transforming the way you trade to maximize profitability.

Whether you're a novice trader or a seasoned expert, AlgoMountain takes the guesswork out of investing. Experience fast, precise, and profitable trading.

Traders powered by Ai
Alpha Strategy

Our premier strategy created for maximum returns.
Alpha synthesizes long and short signals from a network of candlestick patterns and indicators to take an aggressive approach to capital growth.

Trinity Strategy

Unlock market opportunities with a synthesis of EMAs, ROC, and RSI. Trinity was built to optimize your win rate while securing substantial returns.

Longs Strategy

Build off the back of our Alpha strategy, Longs is built for the long trader who is looking to move fast in the market, take advantage of emerging opportunities, and maximize returns.

Stocks, Crypto, Futures

Our strategies have been created and optimized by our Ai to perform across a variety of tradable assets. They perform on stocks, crypto, and many other tradable assets.

Powerful adjustments
Enhanced Backtesting

No more guessing how a strategy will perform. We enable you to target specific dates and timeframes for backtesting. Find the rhythm and settings that deliver the returns you desire.

Personalized to your style
Asset Optimized

All AlgoMountain subscriptions come with support to assist you optimizing your strategy for any chosen assets. Just send us a message and we're there.

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Validated Across Markets

AlgoMountain strategies have been tireless backtested and validated across market segments. We've gone through countless rounds of iteration to give you strategies that simply perform.

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AlgoMountain makes investing clear, crisp, and profitable.
If these FAQs don't answer your questions please reach out!

What Is AlgoMountain?

AlgoMountain is a collection of premium TradingView strategies built in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

Current strategies are Alpha, Trinity, & Longs and more strategies are in Beta. We plan on monthly Beta strategy releases for Elite subscribers and quarterly for Premium.

We are also building a platform for fully automated trading with Interactive Brokers.

How Does It Work?

Our TradingView strategies are built by Ai to decipher market signals from a combination of candlestick patterns, algorithmic strategies, and proven indicators.

When the specific market conditions are met the strategy provides you either a Long or a Short signal. You than make your choice on how you want to move within that market opportunity.

What Do I Need?

A TradingView account, an AlgoMountain subscription, and your personal view on the market you want to trade.

How Do I Start?

1. Create a TradingView account.

2. Purchase an AlgoMountain subscription through our website (providing us your TradingView username at checkout).

3. We give you access to all our premium strategies on TradingView (allow up to 16hrs for this to be processed).

4. You search for AlgoMountain indicators on TradingView, chose one of our premium strategies, and add it to your desired stock, crypto pair, or asset.

5. You optimize the strategy to perform on the timeframe and asset of your preference. Our setup guide is a great place to begin.

6. You backtest your settings across timeframes before you trade in real market conditions.

Note: Alpha and Longs are designed to get signals from Heikin Ashi candlestick charts so we recommend that you use HA candlesticks as your starting point. Trinity is less sensitive to this but it all depends on the timeframe.

These Backtests Are Wild! Will I Make This In Real Life?

We've seen remarkable results when backtested across many assets and are confident that AlgoMountain can be an essential part of your trading toolset.

However, we do not guarantee any investment results. Markets are designed to chew you up and spit you out so you need to be fully aware that many traders lose money. Our strategies are created to give you an edge and provide signals into how the market is moving, enabling you to make empowered profitable decisions.

What's Your Discord?

We are passionate about breaking the signal through the noise. Much of life is served by cutting out unnecessary noise and investing is the same. We have decided (for now) not to create another server to add to the Discord chaos.

Breath deep, focus your mind, and make money. That's what this is about.

AlgoMountain Strategies

Explore our premium TradingView strategies below or visit our strategies setup guide.


Alpha is the inception point and the strategy that started it all. It is a versatile and comprehensive strategy, expertly designed to rapidly maximize profit. A combination of technical indicators and candlestick patterns to determine favourable entry and exit points in the market and re-allocating the totality of the gains until you hit your target return.


• An AlgoMountain Ai Strategy
• Highest Rate of Return
• Long and Short Signals
• Adjustable Backtest Date Range
• Adjustable Trading Hours
• Stop Loss and Reward-Risk Ratio
• Cooldown Period
• Doji Threshold
• BB Optimization



Supercharge your trading with the Trinity – a synthesis of EMAs, ROC, and RSI. You can select for long or short trading or  make moves in both directions. Trail-based profit-taking, smart stop loss management, and clear visual signals ensure timely decision-making and empower you to execute precise entries and exits.


• An AlgoMountain Ai Strategy
• Optimized For High Win Rate + Capital Growth
• Adjustable EMA/ROC/RSI
• Trades Long, Short, or Both Ways
• Optional Stop-Loss & Take Profit



AlgoMountain Longs is your ultimate long trading companion. This advanced strategy identifies optimal entry points for long positions. Get preciese time-based trading, customizable risk management, and real-time exit signals based on bearish candlestick patterns. Backtest and optimize your strategy effortlessly to embrace a new level of profitability.


• An AlgoMountain Ai Strategy
• Built Specifically For Long Traders
• Adjustable Backtest Date Range
• Optional Stop Loss and Reward-Risk Ratio
• Cooldown Period
• Doji Threshold
• BB Optimization



All Elite members get access to our latest Beta strategies. These are built to respond to the needs of our community and are often inspired by a specific traders unique style and needs. Our premium strategies are optimized to work for broad impact, Beta strategies are experimental and may carry a greater inherent risk alongside potential reward.

Proceed with caution but ain't no reward without risk!


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An AlgoMountain trinity strategy